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New Student Experience KSAC

Hello All,

This is Ali Sameer and after following this website for quite some time, I decided to post and share my experience. My introduction: I am 27 from Sacramento and come with a bachelors degree in computer science. Right after that i decided to follow my dream of flying and began to start my training for my PPL at a local Flight School while working full time. Got my PPL!!. Few months ago i decided to accelerate my flying career so i left my job to dedicate full time into aviation. followed the suggestions on here by the mentors on completing written exams before the start of the program. Just have FOI and FAI left to complete, which is gonna be in few weeks. I have Scheduled a visit for the 2nd sept to check out the Sacramento location. If everything goes well, Im planing on starting in October. ill try to keep everyone updated on my experiences.


Thank you for posting and letting us know of your plans! I think it is great that you are working on your writtens before the program, but I would not delay a start date because of it. The program is designed for the writtens to be done while in it, so if you can start sooner, I absolutely would.

Let us know how your visit goes and if you have any questions.



I am with Chris on this one. Having all of those written exams done this early is a game changer. However, if you just have the FOI and FIA left then it would make more sense to start ASAP and complete those tests during the program. You’ve already surpassed the benchmark. Well done.

Be sure to contact ATP for your 1 year subscription to ForeFlight Basic.


Hi Ali,

I’m in Livermore, we might run into each other some time. You’ll probably fly here a few times during your training. Nice job on the writtens but yeah there’s no need to delay for FOI and FIA, you are ahead of the curve (on the written side) so as long as you maintain the pace you should be just fine.

Good luck on your training!


Thank you Chris, Tory and Alex I have already scheduled FOI for tomorrow and then on Thursday have my ATP visit, I’m get on with it ASAP. Thank you for ur advice. Also looking forward to running into you Alex in the near future :slight_smile:

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Anytime, let us know how else we can help you.