New student starting for zero

I’m a new student that’s planning on starting in July. I was reading through some information on starting classes and what to do before hand and I’m getting confused about a requirement. In one place it says “ATP requires students with zero flight hour to complete the PAR/FAA Airman Knowledge test 28 prior” and in another place it says "are encouraged to complete PAR, IRA and CAX.

So my question is, which is it? Is it a requirement or is it just something that’s encouraged?

Just FYI I am planning on taking those 3 tests beforehand either way but I’m curious about requirements.

Thank you for any help!

You’re “required” to take the PAR and “encouraged” to take the others. In the past none were required but now the PAR is required. Thinking no one removed it from the “encouraged” list.



I went to ATP’s website to ensure I had the proper information, it seems some things may have changed from past postings regarding the “required” items:

However, it is encouraged to take at least the PAR exam prior to entry, and even more recommended to complete as many as you can. ATP still has the deal where if you complete the PAR, IRA and CAX, you will receive a 1-year free subscription for ForeFlight.


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The requirements have recently changed. My 2nd day of Elevate (sometime in March), the instructor announced that the PAR is not required 28 days before your start date. That being said, pretend it is required. If possible, pretend all the written exams are required before you start. Having them complete prior to your start date will take a massive amount of weight off your shoulders. Youre not going to want to be studying for a written while also learning to fly the plane.

Very true words.

I second this! :point_up:t2:

I just started in April, the PAR is required before you start now at least at the IWA location.


You’re absolutely right. That is a recent change. Thanks for pointing out!