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Timeline Changes

So last night I read the official word from ATP on the timeline changes. While this definitely presents some challenges as far as living expenses go, I am guessing that the program might actually become less stressful as a result of the time frame being almost doubled. I know that ATP will do their best to keep students on track, but I looked at my program outline and the time frame for each rating has increased dramatically. For example, I think my instrument training timeline went up like 20 days. This makes me think that the training might be easier on students than before, because the pace will inevitably slow. Any thoughts?

I was thinking the same thing. Let’s see


You’re probably right but I’m not sure I’d relax too much :slight_smile:


Haha, yea. Believe me, I’d like the pace of training to be as hectic and quick as possible. However, maybe there will be some good that comes out of this :wink:

I was just thinking it might not be as hectic if I can’t finish all my writtens before starting, I fully intend to complete the Instrument and Commercial writtens at the least, but it also looks like I’ll still be working full time up until about 2-3 weeks before my start date.

Im with you on this one, start date July 3rd and last day of work june 30th. Talk about diving right in! Im still trying to figure out if i register now i would take advantage of all this time to knock out as many writtens i can but the loan will wait until july to be effecrive.