Newcomer college or pilot school

Hi I’m stuck on whether if I want to go to college or flight school affter high school I just wanted to ask anyone what they suggest is better if can anyone help me plan what I should do .


As a general rule I always recommend college after high school. You’re going to need that degree at some point and it’s simply a far easier transition and process at this point in your life. We’ve also found many (not all) people need a little more growth and maturity before they can handle the rigors of flight school (particularity if you’re thinking about a fulltime accelerated program like ATP). That’s the reason ATP requires some college or work experience prior to enrollment.

That all said the decision is yours and only you know what might work best for you.


I can attest to this, I definitely wouldn’t have had the maturity level to take this as seriously as I am now

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Thanks bro


You really could take either route here and it would work out in the end either way. This question is addressed in detail in the FAQ section, but the short answer is that we always recommend college first, then flight school. I find that it is easier for students to stay in “school mode” and go straight from high school into college. Too often when a student delays, it ends up being much harder for them to someday return to college as life often gets in the way.


To add another voice to the echo, go to college. This industry is really volatile, and having a degree to fall back on (let alone needed to get a job at a major) is incredibly valuable. One thing you might consider is going to a college with an aviation program (Arizona State, University of North Dakota, Purdue, Kansas State, Embry Riddle, etc.).


You’re correct this industry can be very volatile. Getting an aviation degree however doesn’t really help with the whole “having a degree to fall back on” plan.