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Hello, All. I’m new here and really doing as much as possible to research what my best options are for pursuing my dream of becoming a pilot. Unfortunately, I lost sight of my dream of flying a long time ago and life carried on in other directions. However, some major changes are going on right now in my personal life and I have been lucky enough to rediscover who I am and my lifelong passion of flying. I’ve wanted to fly for as long as I can remember and it’s time I stop getting in my own way.

So, with everything I have read about universities with aviation programs and other flight schools that say they offer a similar experience, I really feel like ATP is ultimately the best option I could make. I’ve found a TON of great information on the AirlinePilot.Life FAQs webpage and I feel like most all of my questions have been answered. That being said, I do have some questions that I’d love some insight and feedback with. All perspectives/opinions are welcome. I’m just looking for help.

  1. After graduating from ATP, is being hired by Envoy for their cadet program still a possibility without the possession of a Bachelor’s degree? I have roughly three years of university under my belt but I never finished. I do, however, want and hope to finish my degree while working.
  2. Does the ATP Flight School certificate count as credit towards a degree? And if so, are there certain schools that would be better suited for me to look at for getting my degree as fast as possible?
  3. I’m prior military with eight years in the Air Force. Does this training factor into any decision making with Envoy or American?

I really appreciate any and all help. I recently turned 43. And while I know I’m a little late to the game, that’s ok. I know it’s not impossible so, I don’t want to waste any more time on a career I know I’m going to love. Thanks again.


  1. Envoy does not require a degree for their cadet program.

  2. ATP does not (nor does any flight school) give “certificates”. ATP trains people how to fly. All licenses and ratings are granted by the FAA and FAA licenses and ratings can be used for credit by certain universities towards an aviation degree. There are several but Embry Riddle and Utah Valley University are 2 of the more popular.

  3. Ultimately Envoy is looking for well trained pilots who meet their requirements but of course military service always looks good on a resume.



Welcome to the forum and thank you for taking the time to check out the FAQ section. LEt’s get to your questions:

  1. Absolutely, it is 100% possible to get hired at a regional without a degree, it happens all the time and most regionals do not even list a degree as “preferred”.

  2. Check out this link for the answer to your question on college credits: College Credit for Airline Career Pilot Students / ATP Flight School

  3. Not really. While military service is nice and is appreciated, the airlines are looking to hire competent pilots. Flight time is king.

Feel free to ask other questions as you think of them.


Thank you both so much. Very helpful and appreciated. I’m currently in the process of filling out the information for the loan and I’m quite excited to make this a reality.

Glad to hear it. Please let us know if you have any other questions along the way. As always, keep us updated on your journey!


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Anytime, we are always happy to help. Let us know what other questions you have.


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