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No I'm Not Slacking!

Aloha! Some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted a schedule the last few months. The reason for that is I really haven’t had much of anything to post. That said I think a simple explanation as to why might be appreciated so here goes.

At my airline (and others) Crew Scheduling assigns trips to Reserves based on something called “leveling”. The concept is to spread the flying out amongst all the Reserve pilots so you don’t have one guy flying 70hrs and another flying 10. Essentially once you’ve flown you go to the bottom of the list within your time slot. Now the interesting part is when Scheduling looks at the pilots to assign they look at the pilot’s “credit” for the month, not their flight time. So if a pilot goes into the month with credit for vacation, training, union work etc. you get put to the bottom until everyone catches up. So in my case it’s union work. We’ve been very busy with furlough mitigation, scope and staffing issues, so I start each month with a fair amount of credit. We’re also not doing that much flying due to the pandemic. Put the 2 together and you can see why I really haven’t had a schedule to post other than to maintain my currency. Make sense?

In truth while I’ve been doing lots around the house and my paddling has improved greatly I honestly wish I were flying! Hopefully soon.