Seniority vs Tech Skills

I haven’t been posting my schedule because it’s really kind of boring to look at (not to fly just from schedule perspective). When I fly it’s usually 6 legs (give or take) a day and I go to and from any of the 5 airports Hawaiian serves in the state (HNL, OGG, LIH, KOA, ITO). No overnights. Life is good even as a VERY junior Capt in the fleet. Since the trips are all pretty similar the only thing I really bid for is am (morning) trips. I am and always have been a morning guy and I don’t enjoy flying late. Again I’m junior so sometimes I do better than others but I’m essentially at the mercy of the other pilots senior to me. For April I did particularly poorly and every trip I had for the month was a pm and late pm’s at that. BUT, today is the day they open the “Trip Trade” window. Now the majority of pilots (particularly the senior ones) have been here a LONG time, long before computerized bidding. Now Adam came from the Regionals and Adam is VERY familiar and comfy with computerized bidding, hence I’m a trip trade ninja! Soooo literally at T-minus 12:00:00 (not :01) the second the window opened I began my assault. Long short I was able to turn a REALLY REALLY crappy schedule into a REALLY REALLY good one! If it sounds like I’m gloating I am :wink:

Just letting all of you who are sweating the prospect of being low man on the pole there is hope! :slight_smile:


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I would agree with that, Adam. I am on reserve, but so far have pretty consistently been able to pick up good trips that almost make it seem like I am a line holder. I have also been able to score several extra days off (spent in Virginia) where they did not use me.


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