Not sure if i should continue part time before atp

So i started doing part time flight school at the beginning of Feb, and now i have around 18 hours, before summer, which I will be abroad from July - september, I probably can get it to 60, which is still 20 hours short from the requirement. So i am just thinking should I continue the part time flight school, finish it after the break or should I just wait until I can go to atp for full time and start from 0?
Any advice is welcomed, thanks in advance!


Personally I would save my money and dive in with both feet after your break. I’ve never been a fan of an hour here and there (I tried it it doesn’t work). If you start fresh you’ll not only learn much faster based on the consistency of the training but you’ll be training using ATPs techniques and standards that will make the entire process more linear and cohesive. That’s how I wish I did it but ATP didn’t offer the PPL back then.