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Oldest Aircraft flown

So honestly, in the last 2 years (2018-2020) what’s been the oldest aircraft that you have flown at ATP locations?

I know the PC answer or the average of the fleet. I’m interested in the “actual” current fleet age.
Current students or instructors please respond. Just looking for my own information.

I am a numbers man and just like to play with Data #'s thats all.

We fly brand spanking new G1000 2019/2020 archers here at KISP. Plane I’m flying now is so new it dosnt even have an annual done yet.

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I think the oldest I had was a '73 172-M for the spin plane for CFI academy, but that was only 0.7. On crew, I flew a 2005 and a 2014 172. All of my multi training was done in 2001 or 2005 Seminoles. All of my single engine training was 2017 172s.

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Did all of my training in g500 archers ranging from 2014-2016 I believe. Now instructing in California in 1998-2001 c172’s. California has the oldest fleet in the country.

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Northeast, Piper Archers from 2013/2014 (G500) to the 2018/2019 (G1000) models. Piper Seminole 2001, steam gauge.

During CFI, I flew in a C172 that was from 1974.

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At the KCRG location in Jax we train all students in the 1970s six pack 172M models. All East Coast is new Archers, all West Coast is new 172s, but we train using the old Mike models, most of which have been used for spins.

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172M for spin training. Oldest regular plane, probably 1997? We have only the old six packs in California.