Pilot Fitness and the ERJ


This post is a little different than most, but with the First Class Medical being so precious, I was wondering what you guys do to maintain it. Whether it be a balanced diet, exercise, sleep (I believe this is an obvious one), etc… I have one now and I would be heartbroken to lose it. I do what I can, but from your perspective, what’s the best way to maintain that First Class Medical?

Second part of the question is, why do some pilots hate the ERJ? Doesn’t matter if it’s the E-145, 170/175, or the 190, some guys hate em… Why is that? I find them beautiful (besides the “bicycle handles”, but I’m sure it’s just a matter or getting used to it).


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All the things you listed. I’m in LAX, woke up an hour earlier than I needed to go to the gym and have a good breakfast. You’re very correct, without your medical you can’t fly and that has been a problem for many. Being mindful of that fact you need to do everything you can to keep yourself healthy. The great food on the overnights doesn’t help.

As for you second question I honestly don’t no what you’re talking about? I flew the 145 for almost a decade and LOVED that airplane. Incredibly capable jet. The only negativity I have heard toward it was from the CRJ guys (there’s a little rivalry there) and for my part the ERJ smokes it! Also take a look at the CRJ900 vs the E190. Which one looks like an RJ and which looks like a REAL airliner? :slight_smile:



I wouldn’t say I hated the ERJ, but I sure wasn’t sad to leave it. I couldn’t stand the yoke, the FMC is a weak one and the radar can be useless. Now I only flew the 145, it seems like the newer ones have improved on a lot of this.


@Adam Losing my medical is one of my biggest fears (I mean… can you disagree? lol) It’s been raining EVERYDAY here in South Florida and being sick kept me from going outside.

E170/175/190 are the real airliners even if the 170 only fit like 80 people :grin: What’s interesting is that there’s no auto-throttle on the E145 so the pilots are more engaged. A breathe of fresh air in today’s technological driven industry.

@Chris I’ve heard that the FMC was weak and that it would break regularly. Was the yoke hard to get used too? I’m far from the regionals, but it dawns on me that I might have to fly a plane with “handle bars”…


The “ram horns” are fine. After a few days you won’t even notice. Chris is picky :slight_smile:


I never cared for the yoke, but I just kept telling myself that Concorde had the same kind, so it was okay.

You might appreciate the lack of autothrottles now, but after a few years you will be more than ready for them.

I am picky, I like my Boeing yoke.

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@Adam That’s a relief. I was kinda worried about the transition.

@Chris Don’t worry, I’m biased towards to the yoke as well haha

Now if you want to talk transitions, wait till you go from the yolk to the ScareBus “joystick”. Now that’s a hoot!


Adam, I usually try to keep a positive mindset and keep the ScareBus as a distant thought, but the A350 is my guilty pleasure… Thankfully, airplanes are not jealous machines or we’d be in trouble! :joy:

Don’t you guys be talkin about my CRJ like that!!


No no, we’d never do that :wink: