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I had another question I thought I would ask you guys. Since I am leaving ATP soon to go to Skywest, I was trying to figure out what kind of bags/travel gear I should get. I already have a “Stealth” bag that was recommended to me. It is very rugged and should work well for clothes and whatnot. But what stuff do you guys do for toiletries, pilot gear, and anything else you bring with you. Obviously space and bulkiness are limitations here which is why I’m curious.

Also, do you guys bring food with you on trips? How do you transport it?

Thanks again!


First off you’ll be amazed at how efficient you’ll get at packing and how much sh…stuff you can jam into that Stealth. I’m here in ICN for 4 days and fit everything into mine. I don’t know how much “grooming” you do but I don’t pack shampoo or soap since all the hotels have. Just a razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, some gel and deodorant which all fits nicely in the side pockets. Keys and headphones in the little top side pocket and misc (bandaids, Tums etc). Sneakers, workout gear, jeans, tees, and jacket in the main bag plus laptop and chargers. First few trips you’ll pack WAYYYY too much but in time you’ll trim it down.

I don’t usually pack food food, just munchies in my flight case (jerky, protein bars, Cliff bars etc) to hold me over, but many pilots do. Don’t want to be a salesman for Luggageworks but they make some nice cooler bags and duffels that attach to the Stealth to take meals I’ve seen a lot of guys with. They pack whatever and just replace the ice at the hotels.

On a side note, I ALWAYS keep a few packs of Emergen-C, Airborne (whatever) in my bag. There will be long days, missed meals, walk arounds in the pouring/snow, min rest overnights, and sick pilots getting germs on the yolk. You may find yourself feeling a little run down. When I do I start pounding the stuff and it’s been keeping me healthy for years.


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Awesome! Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it! Good trick to use the ice from the hotels haha

Tyler I use the Aerocoast Pro EFB as a flight bag. It fits a Bose A20, 15" laptop, a thermos, a water bottle, some more space for some food, and that’s just the main compartment.

It doesn’t have a cooler though, so if you are looking for a flight bag/cooler combo I’d recommend either the Aerocoast Pro EFB+Cooler that I see around a lot, or the Luggageworks Aurora Cooler/Tote Combo.

I suggest that you hold off on it for now though, you will see a lot of different options during training from fellow new hires and even the ground instructors.


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Interesting! I’ll definitely keep an eye out :slight_smile: Thanks!