Pilot grooming and beards

What are the requirements for beards and hair grooming in American commercial pilot jobs? I have heard that beards interfere with the seal of the oxygen masks, but have also read that a new type of oxygen mask makes having facial hair no problem. A buddy of mine also has a dad that is an airline pilot and he says being clean shaven and short hair is required to look professional more than it is to be functionally safe. I know its not a big deal but I am hoping for some clarity on this confusion, thanks.

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All US airlines, with the exception of Hawaiian, prohibit anything more than a closely trimmed mustache.


And hair not below your collar or ears.


Can hair that’d naturally be longer than the collar be tied up so it wasn’t?


Not sure if you’re kidding but no, hair cannot be tied up.


No, not for men. Clean cut means clean cut.