Please let me know this is very important for me...!

I’m Ganesh and I’m from INDIA i want to join ATP academy.
what is the exact fee in ATP to become a Commercial Pilot(250hrs of flying time)
im going to apply for education loan so i need the real amount of money which i need to spend till the last day of my day before getting job
It would be better if u let me know the present scenario of fee that i need to be make ready
please let me know this would be very useful to me
Thank you… :slight_smile:

Hi Ganesh,
The tuition cost is $55,400 for the 8-10 month International Career Pilot Program at ATP Flight School. You will need an additional $15,000- $18,000 for living expenses, supplies, and FAA Examiner fees.

That’s ridiculous. Do they really have the best airline connection’s or does everyone claim their students have the best chance working for a top airline?

Nobody has the BEST airline connections. ATP however does have a great track record regarding job placements of our flight instructors.


What is ridiculous, the tuition? Flying airplanes, even small ones, is a very expensive proposition. It takes hundreds of thousand of dollars to purchase each Seminole, then a whole maintenance network must be maintained, along with offices, fuel costs, instructor salaries and many other things. If you look at ATP’s costs relative to other flight schools you will notice that it is very competitive with what other schools charge. Furthermore, the cost of flight training pales in comparison to higher education like medical or law school. If you want to get paid as a professional, you need to spend the money to be one.

I am not familiar with what other flight schools claim, but I can tell you this. I have been flying at the airlines for twelve years, of the civilian pilots that I fly with, by far the largest majority of them come from ATP. I have actually been in several cockpits where all three of us had done some sort of training with ATP. Just look at the student placements on the webpage to see how actively the airlines are recruiting ATP instructors, that is the real proof.


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It’s really not that bad. After spending money on a four year engineering degree and getting my Private and flying over 130 hours, I would have saved a lot of money by just going straight to atp after two years. But I’m glad I did what I did. You have to spend money to make money and if I’m spending money on something I love I’m going to keep spending it. If it’s all about the money then You may want to look into something else.

Chris thank you it’s obvious you have experience that can help me, I’ve
been trying to ask a pilot. My dad had gotten his license in the 70’s he
went on to play college football and 2 year’s with the Cleveland Brown’s. I
wish it were the 70’s.
I’ve been researching for 3 months. A career in MMA is how I’ve gotten to
finding all I can about Flying before I enter another career. I’ve always
stayed on positive note when speaking to ATP. There’s 3 other program’s
I’ve found and all of them have their pros & cons. 2fly,JetBlue, & a 3year
College in Jacksonville, FL. I understand it’s expensive.
As an experienced pilot do you recommend taking a loan out and beginning?
Do you enjoy your Job? Also have been very curious what a salary looks like
from a pilot. I’d be stupid to trust Google.
Lastly thank you for taking time out to assist me.

The money is very important I want to make sure I can start a family that’s
taken care of while I’m gone. That’s important right?

So Garo’s your uncle? That’s pretty cool!


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thank you so much :slight_smile:
I’m very much intrested to join ATP can you please contact me i need to
know more information
this is my Cell number: +919704444210


I recommend that you call the admissions department at 904-595-7950.



I took out a loan to pay for my flight training and found it to be a very good move for myself. Most students seem to take out loans as very few people have that amount of liquid money available, especially earlier in life.

I do enjoy my job, that is one of the reasons that I enjoy mentoring on this website. I find that the job has afforded me some very nice opportunities and is just downright fun.

For a description of pilot pay go to my “Flying the Line” section and look for an article called “What Do Pilots Really Earn?” It should help answer your questions about pilot pay.


i tried to call to this number which you gave (904-595-7950) but some one
other is lifting the call i asked is this ATP academy they said wrong
call… :frowning:

That’s cool about your dad dude. My dad was a kicker too. In college his junior year someone pulled the Charlie Brown on him and he blew out his leg :joy::joy::joy:. It was still cool to see him drop 50 yarders in my gym classes (he’s a high school teacher know).

Yes sir he passed away almost 3 year’s ago. I’m surprised you know the last
name. Adam i may need your help in the future. Thank you

Chris thank you for your help, I would have definitely started earlier I
wasn’t allowed to do anything but to keep my focus on football then to
focus on college ball, my family was hoping I’d play professional football.
As much as I feel bad taking one out I need to take it out and start flying
I’m starting to see why. The benefit’s the airlines offer sorta put me at
ease. Plus Pilot’s offering help show’s how much you guys enjoy what you
do. I believe you. Thank you for all your help and your time Thanks Chris.
Berj Yepremian Jr

My dad was all SEC 78’&79’ he’s been the most accurate kicker in NCAA
history he has destroyed his leg with the amount of knee replacements,
ankle surgery, rotator cup, TMJ jaw bone, enspehilitis brain surgery 22
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kick. 2 year’s was all he could take.
That’s awesome your dad was a kicker in college I hope he’s getting better,
getting injured on a fake field goal or the holder not doing his job can
end a kicker’s career. I’m very thankful I didn’t get hurt. Hope all is
well. Thank you

Anytime, feel free to come back when you have more questions.


(Director of International Admissions ATP)
hello sir,
so, as u said it will cost around $55400 as tuition fee and the
expenses,housing,supplies,and FAA Examiner fees is
around $15000- $18000. So, if i apply education loan for $75000 that should
be more than enough right?


Christopher was addressing a question from a foreign student regarding the International program for foreign students. As a US student the program starts at $62,995 plus the other fees so you’d be looking at closer to $80k. On a positive note as a US program member you could be eligible for tuition reimbursement if you sig an agreement with a Regional early on.