Post Training ATP CTP

Hi all,
I’m Derek, 34 and about to get everything together to start flight training at ATP. Most all of my questions have been addressed by the ATP staff and they are very helpful. My final concerns have to do with the ATP CTP class and ATM certifications. I see that the training program does not include any financial aide to that ( I kind of figured that wouldn’t be considered training because you need 1500 hours to have the ATP cert anyway). What I was curious about was that after getting through the program and accumulating your 1500 flight hours, do airlines help with the extra $5000 or is that just something I need to put extra money aside for (on top of paying my loan back)? Also, after acquiring the ATM, what else will I need to be putting money aside for? Will the airlines be expecting me to get type rated on my own? Thanks!

Thank you for the response. I guess the big thing before signing a contract with any particular airline would be to ask this to them and find out what they would cover as far as cost is concerned? I think I looked at Republic’s contract that ATP posts for people to read. That’s where this question stems from. I saw that a prerequisite was to have the ATM and type rating in their aircraft. I just didn’t see anything that spelled out whether they would help or if that was simply on me to get it done. It looked as if they may sign you on while acquiring all the flight hours needed during the CFI stent but I would have to have the certifications to come on as a new hire. So it sounds like the company accommodates the new hire, in one form or another, to be able to get them up to speed and working in that company, by your response.


The airlines will provide all the training necessary to fly their airplanes, including the type certificate, you do not need to worry about that at all. Even if you did show up to an airline with a type certificate they would still put you through a full training program as they would want to teach you to fly the airplane to their specific standards.

The ATP certificate is a bit different, but as Eric stated the airlines will make sure you get that as well. What you will need to do is get your commercial, instrument, CFI, etc and then get 1,500 hours, the airlines will take it from there.

Feel free to post any other questions you can think of.


Thank you, Chris. I just saw this response. I apologize for the delay in my response. I assume even if you take the tuition reimbursement, an airline will still take care of the ATP/CTP/ATM stuff?