PPL plus more requirements needed


So I didn’t get into ATP, granted I’ve haven’t had any experience flying.
I was encouraged to obtain a PPL, and to then re-apply for the ATP program.
Now, here are my questions.
Once I obtain my PPL, will ATP train me in Instrument Rating and Multiengine Rating or is this something that I must obtain wile getting my PPL?
I also know there are some exams I must take.
Should I worry about taking the exams before or after re-applying for ATP?

Bee Escalona


Based on your question you really should do a little more research on this career and becoming a pilot.

To answer your question no, you only need to earn your PPL and you’d obtain the rest of your licenses and ratings as part of the program. I wouldn’t worry about any exams until you’re working on your PPL and the rest after you’re accepted.


Thank you for the feedback! I am definitely doing more research and getting my feet wet.


You will need to take the PAR exam to be eligible for the PPL checkride when you get it on your own. Once you do that you can reapply to the program. If you get in, at that point you would start “credit private” which means starting at the instrument rating and continuing through all the remaining 6 ratings listed on the website. I encourage you to visit it and do a bit more research so you know what’s expected.