Prospective Student who is color blind

I am 23 years old. For as long as I have remembered I have dreamed of being an Airline Pilot. And have thought in many occasions about enrolling in ATP. However, one of the biggest obstacles that has kept me from diving in is the fact that I am colorblind. I can see color for the most part! However, when I take the test (the numbers inside the circles), I always fail. My question, is it even possible to get hired by an airline being colorblind? I would hate to dive in head first only to hear that it is not possible later down the road. I appreciate any help!


To train to be a pilot, you will need a First Class medical, the same that you will need to fly for the airlines. In other words, if color blindness is an issue, you will not be allowed to start training, let alone get to the airlines.

There are alternatives to the Ishihara test, but it will involve going to a FAA Medical Examiner and discussing your situation. I would schedule a consultation and talk to them before going for the actual medical exam. It really will all depend on just how color blind you are and in particular your red-green deficiency.



You will want to seek out to an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) for this type of question. Fortunately, in your case, there have been pilots who have had color issues and acquired a medical. To find your nearest AME, use this link below:

I found an article on the FAA’s website for “Guide for AME: Aerospace Medical Dispositions
Item 52. Color Vision” below: