QoL at ATP Training Facilities

Hello mentor pilots. I’ve enjoyed reading all your tidbits of insight and experience. The thought of quitting my job and diving headfirst into this is terrifying yet thrilling. I’ll start by asking what is housing like at a typical ATP facility? Are meals included (is there a cafeteria) or are you on your own when it comes to food?
I’m happy to say I’ve scheduled my intro flight for 2 April at the Kansas City location :slight_smile:



The housing are shared garden style apartments. They’re not dorms and there are no cafeterias, study halls etc. ATP is a flight school, not a college.
All apts are furnished but you’re responsible for your food, linens, laundry detergent etc


Copy that Adam, thank you.


Without having been to a flight school, I can see why you are asking questions about cafeterias, etc. Flight schools, including many ATP locations, tend to be smaller affairs. They usually consist of a few classrooms, a simulator room, some briefing areas and maybe a common area. These are not university type settings. ATP’s larger locations are stand alone buildings with more classrooms, etc, but they are still not anywhere near the size of a high school or anything that would warrant a cafeteria. I am glad you have an intro flight scheduled, I think that will answer many of your questions.


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ATP housing is in an apartment complex. Typically two bedrooms with a twin size bed in each accommodating up to 4 people in one apartment. They are fully furnished with a kitchen. You just need your linens and personal belongings. Often roommates share shopping lists and meals to help keep costs down and reduce the “number of cooks in the kitchen”.



I don’t have experience with ATP housing, but as a student quality of life is still very good. I have several posts about it on this forum and you can see a few weeks of my schedule as well.

You will see things online about ATP being crap quality of life, but the schedule isn’t what you think. You’re not spending 14 hrs a day in a classroom, grinding away in an airplane and getting death by PowerPoint.

If you have more questions feel free to reach out. As far as student life goes, I’m in it.