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Few more questions. So I’m wondering if there is anyway possible to do the 6 month rather than 9. I would be at the RDU location. Reason is my lease is up in 7 or 8 months.
Secondly. When going to be an instructor can I choose a location that has the most students? Aka being able to get as much time possible. I know from my previous I can select 3 and hopefully get placed there.
Third. Financing. How quick does the loan get into your account once you apply and get it so I can purchase what I need?


Let’s get to your questions.

  1. The program is only offered in the nine month format now, this is due to FAA examiner availability.

  2. Like you said, you can list your top three locations. If busy locations are what you are after then simply list the busiest ones first. Bear in mind that all locations are staffed to meet a certain student to instructor ratio, so the flying should be about the same anywhere.

  3. You will need to talk to the admissions counselors on this one, they are the experts on all things financial.


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  1. If you have your PPL the program is 6mos, if you don’t it’s 9 mos. If you don’t know what a PPL is it’s definitely 9mos :slight_smile:

  2. ATP does not guarantee location for instruction. When you complete your training you’ll be given a list of available locations. Hopefully one works for you. If your concern is building time quickly (like pretty much EVERY student) know that ATP does its best to staff all their locations so every instructor as an equal chance you build time at an equal pace. Therefore the locations with the most students have the most instructors and visa versa.

  3. When I did mine the funds were available pretty quick. Tory can give more info on that current wait time.



Thank you both for your quick reply! My only concern is going from 0 to it all in 9 months.
Wish I had my PPL already.


The loan doesn’t NORMALLY work like that. I know it’s a personal loan, but
you don’t have access to it like a bank account. I say NORMALLY because I
am not in the finance department. I am providing you with information based
on personal experiences. Kirk in finance might tell you something
completely different so please take this with a “grain of salt.”

The bank transfers portions of your loan to ATP every month until the value
of the loan has been used up. Any extra training would then be paid out of

Now, if you know that you’re going to need extra money to pay for supplies,
examiner fees, housing, etc., then BEFORE you apply for a loan, you’ll need
to figure out how much extra money you’ll need to cover those expenses. Add
that amount to the cost of tuition and ask the bank for THAT amount. Each
month you will be sent an overage check. Bare with me. I know this is
basic, but it’s easiest to explain with an example. Tuition costs approx
$75k. That’s about $8,333 per month for 9 months. Hypothetically, you
estimated that you’ll need an extra $10k for XYZ. So, your total loan is
$85k. (Yay you for being approved for an imaginary $85k loan!) 85k divided
by 9 is approx $9,444. ATP will take $8,333 from $9,444, leaving you with
$1,111. So in this example, each month for 9 months you will receive a
check written in your name for approx $1,111 to spend on XYZ.

You’ll have an online account to monitor the transactions and make payments
on your loan, but historically it is designed to be handled by ATP’s
finance department so students can just focus on their training.

Again, this is all based on personal experiences from the past. Like Chris
suggested, call the finance department for the current procedures.


I appreciate what you tell me. Gives me a lot to think about.

That’s how it worked for me as well. I did mine for 75K and there are four times during the program where they send 1/4 of that to atp and i get the remainder in a “refund” check. None of the funds were available prior to my start state. Not even for the $995 deposit, as I had to pay it out of pocket.


When they called to go over a budget they asked if I needed money to purchase an iPad or other supplies and if I did I would get that amount of money at the very begining, so if I needed $500 for supplies I would get that when I started and my monthly payout would just be a little less.


Thank you both for your replies as well. Just need to figure where to get the funds to start everything off.

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