Ready for Pushback!

Hello my fellow aviators and aviators to be!

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of joining these forums to truly see what ATP and an airline career had in store. While some have taken a much quicker route, I took some time to truly look at what I was getting into and at the same time prepare as much as I could for the fast pace of the ACPP.

With all my knowledge test done, my IPC in the bag, and memorized many of ATP’s SOPs and checklist I feel there is not much more I can do except show up to start flying. After placing my deposit nine months ago, time has flown by and I’m sure if I blink I might miss my six months of training :wink:.

I am thankful for Chris, Adam, and Tory (and many others here at the forums) for their inputs and encouragements to help me prepare for my training . I will be using this thread to keep in touch and hopefully provide a different perspective and continue to be a apart of this community to guide in the next wave of prospecting pilots. I leave for RIC two weeks from today and I’m chompin’ at the bit to get airborne. I look forward to hopefully meeting many of you on crew phase and or even instructing. Chris, I’ll be sure to give you a shout if I drop down to Norfolk for a trip.

Fly safe all!



Thank you for the update, please keep them coming as you go through the program.

Definitely let me know if you find yourself in ORF.


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Good luck, I’ll be watching your thread for sure. Happy flying!

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Well I’ve gotten through my first week of ATP. Having my Instrument rating has added some flexibility to my training. Basically I’ve been choosing where I want to fly, filing IFR, and going round robin.

I’m settling into the Archer nicely and the procedures are becoming second nature. Unfortunately Chris, I did fly to ORF Tuesday, but only for a touch-n-go. I should have told my lead flight instructor that we could have stopped for seafood, lol.

Just building cross-country IFR time till crew for now. Going through the IFR stage also has allowed me to dig a little deeper into the knowledge and understanding of being an IFR pilot. Will put out another update when I get further along in the program.


Tell them you need to stop next time!!

Thank you for the update.

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Hello everyone,

Just dropping an update. I’ve finally pushed pass the instrument phase and now onto the crew cross country phase. I wrapped up my crew Eval quickly, but have been in limbo waiting for flight ops to assign me a crew partner since there aren’t any students at my location currently at the same phase.

ATP HQ had a hard time getting me into this phase due to the Whiteboard system they use. It got a bit “cornfused” since I completed the instrument phase with no instrument Checkride. It should be known that ATP has two products to offer for the ACPP; Zero Time and Private with Credit. Even if you come with flight hours before your PPL or like me with an instrument rating already in hand, you will have to go through either program from the start perspectively. You will use your full loan amount unless you opt out of CFI and leave with just your comm multi add-on. There are no ifs and/or buts about it. There are some corporate qualms about how ATP is run financially and how your flight training fulfills that business model, however ATP has some positives. You won’t find a more accelerated program elsewhere that is already as well established with such a large fleet of aircraft. The student interaction is also a key component as well.

Regardless of where you start at ATP or how many hours you have or what ratings you already have, the name of the game to survive ATP is preparation and staying ahead of the game. From what I’ve learned from talking to and seeing other students going through the program is that you are given very little time to get everything done (accelerated program). Both knowledge wise and practical application through flying. If you want to ease the burden, get your knowledge exams done and study as far ahead as you can. Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did once in the program.

I’m currently on crew and not only am I teaching Private/comm stuff to other students, but also CFI/multi as well just because I have studied well ahead. Being proactive and motivated will serve you well in this program. The instructors have the responsibility of verifying you are ready for your Checkride and your endorsement for said Checkride, but you are responsible for making sure you have the head knowledge to be a competent and safe pilot.

There’s so much I’ve learned in these past couple months at ATP Richmond. Not only about becoming a better PIC, but also the ins and outs of the program as well. If any of you are interested in the program and have questions I’d be happy to help. No flight program is perfect, but ATP will help you get where you need to be in order to get to the regionals as an airline pilot. The adamancy of checklist usage and self study habits is what will carry you through when you reach 1,500 hours. I’m sure Adam, Tory, and Chris can vouch for that.

Ok, story time is over. If no questions, I’ll check back in after I finally get through that Com Checkride.

Is The Richmond location your home location? I’m waiting to be assigned a crew partner too or for them to send me out. My home airport is PAE

Hey Joshua,

RIC is my base. PAE is a longs ways from Virginia. They usually pair us up in a more local fashion (less airfare?). The hardest part is being on standby waiting till 10AM and not being able to fly. I’m hoping (weather permitting) to be able to knock out 3-4 flights a day and get this crew phase wrapped up in at least 5 days. When did you finish your crew Eval?

I had my checkride last Monday, it was a hell of a day, more or less lol! And because the weathers been deteriorating in WA I took my eval on Tuesday. Recently they’ve sent a few people from my location out. Someone just got back from flying from Fort Lauderdale to AZ. Another one or two, were sent to AZ for their crew. I’m hoping I get sent out because it’s going to take forever to get it done around PAE since freezing levels are low and clouds have been low too

Yeah that Washington weather can get dreary. Spent some time there in Bangor during my Navy days. I believe Florida and the mid-west to western locations are all part of a single region for ATP. Richmond falls under the Eastern region that consists of 13 ATP locations here on the East Coast. That’s probably why you have had people fly to Ft. Lauderdale. I think the farthest we go west is Dallas.

Ahh that’s cool. Are you doing your training in the archer or the 172?

The Archer. They use Archers out here due to the colder weather. I much prefer the 172 though.

The 172s are nice, I’ve never flown an archer but I’m sure the low wing is nice. I really like the G1000 the 172s have. The archers use the Garmin430?

Archers have the G500 with two 430s. It’s a nice package, but the Archers are cramped, only one exit, with a small storm window, and they do not operate well in hot temperatures (cruise prop).

Ah. Yeah that doesn’t sound that great. But oh well

Well, funny coincidence. I now am scheduled with a partner out of IWA so I am airlining down there tomorrow!

Cool! Have fun man and knock it out fast!

That’s the goal! I’m glad to be getting out of the cold in WA. Supposed to be like 95 when I arrive tomorrow

I’m starting at ATP Richmond in December, I will see you there.

Great to hear Matt! Will see yah then! If you have any questions before arriving feel free to ask.