Republic/Skywest Cadet program

Hey everyone, I applied to both the Republic and Skywest Cadet programs about 10 or so days ago and haven’t heard anything back. When should I consider following up with recruitment? I appreciate any advice, especially from those who have been part of cadet programs. Thanks!

You do know it’s Christmas weekend right?


Yessir, I am quite aware of that. Was just hoping to get some insight on when I should consider following up with them. Thanks for the help, I guess.

My understanding is it usually takes between 2-4 weeks (longer is better. If they don’t like you "no thank you"s are easy).

What I’m saying is this time of year things tend to slow down, lots of people on vacation in corporate, so I’d keep that in mind before your start inquiring.
Republic in particular is proud of their Christian heritage and could find you probing days immediately after the holiday disrespectful.



Your drive is respected here. We get it. It’s hard to wait when you’re anticipating a huge career move. 10 days probably feels like an eternity to you but for the recruiters it’s been simply a blink. Taking the holiday week out of it, it takes time for recruiters to sort through all the applications they receive on a daily basis. Yours could still be in a pile that hasn’t even hit a person yet. Don’t take it personally, these things just take time. I’d relax for now. Maybe revisit the idea of following up in at least three weeks when it’s been over a month since you initially submitted your app.


I waited well over a month at least from Republic for the RJet Cadet Program…over a month until I heard something back, in fact I reached out to their recruitment department because I thought maybe I did something wrong.

What may have happened is an interview invitation is in your spam folder. When I spoke to a recruiter they said there is a good chance it went there, check for an automatic sender named “Amelia Alerts” or “Smashfly” in your search bar.

It is the holiday season and I’m sure they are on vacation from time to time. Republic’s recruiters are very pleasurable to speak with, just be patient and if you don’t hear from them by the end of January, reach out.