United Aviate Interview Withdraw

Hello, I have an Interview for United Aviate (not academy) on March 31st. I also have been accepted into the Skywest cadet program. Are there any consequences on withdrawing from the aviate interview. Would United see that if I applied for them again in the future? Also, can I do both programs at the same time? Any feedback would be much appreciated!


This is really a question for United and I’d contact someone in their Aviate program and ask. You obviously don’t want to just bail on United (yes they have these really cool things called computers these days that are really good at storing and referencing info so yes they will know in the future). United recently announced flow-thrus with all their Regional partners so it really shouldn’t be an issue, you just don’t want to burn any bridges and blow them off. Again Id give them a call.


If I were you I would not withdraw from anything. You are allowed to continue with the Aviate interview and the Skywest cadet program. No matter what, the interview experience is valuable. If you get in, you have a decision to make. Stay with Aviate and not pursue any benefits or employment contracts with Skywest. Or turn down Aviate and commit to Skywest. It’s in your best interest to keep all your options open.

Thank you for the reply! I do like a lot of aspects about the aviate program except their 4 regional partners. I’m particularly interested in Skywest, Horizon and Republic. So that would be my only issue if I got an offer to join the program. Also, I know Skywest has announced guaranteed interviews with Delta, United, American.

Absolutely understand your dilemma. You will get a better feel for United and the Aviate program the farther you pursue the interview process. The more information you have will only help in making the decision. It’s all about your priorities.