Requesting for Info about students from India

Hello everyone,

I have been actively reading all the questions and answers posted on this forum. Its really helpful and I have learnt a great deal from all of these.
In Short about me, I am 18 years old now and currently preparing to write my DGCA CPL Exams in India. I am planning to do my Flight Training in the US. Can I know if there are any students from India at the ATP Flight School ? Cos, I have been researching for quite a long time from now and even I have never come across a student ( Indian Nationalist ) posting his or her reviews on this Forum.
Last thing, Can a student who has done his Flight Training in another schools ( In the US itself ) come to do his CFI course in the ATP Flight School ?

Thanks in Advance.

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While I don’t know if we currently have any students from India currently in the program, I’m pretty certain over the last 30yrs we have. Perhaps they can chime in? Unfortunately the answer is no, the CFI program is only available as part of the Airline Career Pilot Program. Further ATP doesn’t offer the CFI program as part of their International program because foreign students cannot work as pilots in the US unless they’re citizens or have permanent resident status.


Adam, Do u know anyone in person ?


I did know a couple but that was when I was on the mainland. Don’t know any here in Hawaii but I’m sure they exist.


Alright, Looks like I have to figure it out now.
I appreciate for your quick response Adam.
Thanks a lot.