Requirements and acceptance

I saw that you had to be able to commute to the location, im able to relocate to my aunts house in the heart of Cincinnati only 20 minutes from the closes ATP location, will they require me fully legally switch my residency to that house? Or should it just be fine

Also side question, financing, am i able to use VA benefits and loan through my credit union? Also what is the $120,000 bonus i read about, couldnt get much more information around it on my own.


No you won’t need to formally relocate. You just need to be a reasonable distance from the location.

Due to the abbreviated timeline, you would not be able to use your VA benefits other than for examiner fees which are approx $8,000. You can get your loan through your credit union but ATP will need to verify your approval and the funds are available.

Not sure what you’re referring to with the $120k bonus unless you’re talking about the sign-on bonuses being offered by many Regionals. That varies from airline to airline as do the terms.



The commute clause is to help ensure your success during the program. If you’re planning to stay with your aunt during the program, the short commute will help you be more available and rested as a student. No need to change anything officially.



If I had the opportunity to move close to an ATP location and save from living expenses, I would. You will not be required to change your permanent residency as many individuals do the same.

Can you explain where you found the $120,000 figure from? I also have another question for you, pretty important since you didn’t say it in your OP:

Do you have any flight experience? If not, you need to get an introductory flight and admissions flight at ATP to ensure this is something you can really see yourself doing.


Noah, Admissions here!

As stated above, you do not have to make this your permanent residency. As Adam and Hannah stated, it is to facilitate your availability and success of the program.

Thank you for your service! Since ATP is not a Federal University, and doesn’t offer a degree program, we cannot accept any form of federal funding such as any VA benefits. That includes, but is not limited to, the Post 9/11, Yellow Ribbon, or participation in the Skill Bridge program. The GI Bill can offer just a partial reimbursement for just check rides and examiner fees.

In regards to the $120k Bonus, I believe you are referring to Endeavour Air in this site.

Feel free to give us a call at your convenience so that we may better assist you. ATP Admissions is available M-F 8am-7pm EST and our phone number is 904-595-7950.