VA Question

I am looking into attending ATP however I am trying to figure out pay for it. My credit seems to be too low for Sallie Mae. I applied and they need me to have a co-signer. I have my Post 9/11 GI Bill and wonder if it could be used for ATP and if there are any other means to cover the cost of ATP? I would be starting from zero, and I am very interested in the path to AA. Are there any other veterans that have been through the program? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Due to the accelerated nature of ATPs program, you can only use you VA bennies for things like examiner fees etc.

My best advice is call ATP and speak with someone in finance. They can offer the best advice.



GI Bill funds can be used at an aviation university flight program, which ATP is not. At ATP, only examiner fees and written tests can be paid for with GI Bill funds.