Is relocating required?

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I’ve tried to find a question relating to this topic, but I have had no luck!

I currently reside in Ohio. I took a look at your airports across the country, and the only one in Ohio is in Cincinnati. The airport in Cincinnati is about an hour and forty-five minutes away from me. My question is: would I need to move to Cincinnati while in the ATP program or could I commute? I would probably be doing the slower track program (if that’s still an option), so I am able to work.

I wasn’t sure if students had to be at the airport every day, or if I could be there a few times a week. Any help would greatly be appreciated!


Welcome to the forum, we recommend that you review the FAQs first and foremost because a lot of questions that some ask are commonly answered. I recommend reviewing the PDF on ATP’s website:

Relocation is not necessary but is a vital part of the job as the industry changes and so does working needs. If you limit yourself to one area, you may cut yourself short and lose out on opportunities. I did a generic search through the forum (search tool) for the term “relocating” and got 50+ returns. The next question I forsee is: “Does it matter what location I train at” and to put it simple, the best location to train at is the one you find to be fitting for you. Convivence, comfortability, stability (finances) etc. should be the deciding factor where you train; ATP ensures every location is standardized to teach the same material across the nation.

ATP has either the 7-mo. “Zero to Hero” program or Credit Private (roughly 5 mo.). ATP is not a part-time training program; you will need to be available 7 days a week. Though weather may play a part in training days at the airport - you will still have sim lessons and potential opportunity for group grounds. There is always something that I found being at the training center provided me with great chance to enhance my skill/knowledge.



A 1:45 commute would be far too long. There will be some very long days and there simply aren’t enough hours in each to allow you to train, rest and be successful. The decision is yours but I would strongly recommend relocating, it’s one of the reasons ATP offers housing at many of their locations.

As the others have said, working is not an option.


I think that is much too long of a commute. The program is very fast paced, you will need all available time for studying, flying, or yes, even sleeping.


I tend to revisit threads that I post thinking I miss something. An option you have is if none of the locations are conveniently located to you from your current position, you could check into ATP housing. Given that you didn’t mention a timeframe for when you’d be looking to start. Housing could potentially be an option. Not every location has housing, so if ATP is where you desire, relocating may be possible - if not finding an apartment or family that live close to a training center.

Currently (dated today) at the Cincinnati location, there is not any available housing, that could change in the coming weeks/months/years.

A lot of individuals finance partial if not all the training (I took a loan for everything, including housing and the living stipend). I would reach out to financing if you’re concerned about finances.