Restricted ATP privileges part 141 school

Thanks for all of your volunteer help answering questions from newbies like me.
Another question for a career change person. I am 49 and a private pilot. I have dreamed of becoming a commercial airline pilot. I will be an airline pilot so no killing dreams here. I will retire from my current job in one year as a firefighter. I have one year to complete my flight training. I am considering Liberty university because they offer a part 141 program with an affiliated flight training program. This will give me my bachelors degree in aviation science and a 4 year degree along with commercial license etc. I would then qualify for 1000 hour ATP restricted.

I want to know your thoughts and opinions on this route? Or should I just go to ATP? and finish my degree later. I am about 12 months out from finishing my degree either way I go.

As you’re older and have to retire by 65, you need to get to the airlines as soon as possible. I would absolutely go to an accelerated program and worry about the 4 year degree later. Every year you spend in school you take a year off your top earning capacity.


You only need a degree IF you plan on going to a Major and frankly that may be a stretch. Best case you start a year from now when you’re 50. Even if you go to ATP you won’t be ready for an airline till 52 and a Major for at least another 5so you’re 57. A) You’re not a great investment for a Major with only 8yrs left to fly and B) even if you got the nod would you really want to go back to the bottom of the seniority list with a pay cut, lousy schedule and possibly a commute. At 50 you really need to get moving if you’re going to do this and that means ATP.


Thanks Adam. Good to know.


Ok, no dream killing, but a bit of a reality check here. I think it is absolutely possible that you will fly for a regional, I think the majors are a stretch and will most likely not happen for you. So, with that in mind, you do not need a degree for the regionals and since your prospects of getting to the majors is slight at best, there is really no reason at all for you to obtain a college degree. With that in mind, Liberty would take you years longer (thus guaranteeing that the majors are out of reach) and cost more, all for something that you do not need. I say take the fast route and get to the airlines sooner as time is of the essence.

Now this is just my personal opinion, but I also dislike Liberty University because it is run by a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot (Jerry Falwell). Just google some of his quotes, I couldn’t give my money to him.


Thanks for the enlightenment. I am okay with flying for the regionals forever. I realize I am late in the game but it is my dream to fly commercially, in some capacity.