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Self Flying Planes?!

Hello again aviators.

Whenever I tell someone I want to be a commercial pilot, the first thing they’ll bring up is self flying planes. Although I assume that it won’t really be a widespread thing until a very long time, it has started to make me think about how it might affect me later. What is your opinion on this problem, as well as how it might affect job growth.


Technology will always keep advancing, that’s just the nature of everything, especially in aviation where it leads to higher safety, better efficiency for the planes, advanced navigation and so on. However, when it comes down to the most basic fundamentals of flying, a computer doesn’t have the same traits that a human pilot may have. There’s still countless responsibilities and duties that pilots have and need to be trained for in order to make sure all their flying is safe and efficient, even with the assistance of automation. Now technology may get to a point where human interference may not be needed but in all honesty it’s probably just an idea of science-fiction at this point in time. Realistically speaking, human pilots are already trained very well to meet expectations. I can only imagine the “training requirements” for an AI pilot would be exponentially higher than ours and technology like that probably hasn’t been developed yet. So for us, I still think it’s a great career choice and we don’t have to worry about robots taking our spot. At least for the next couple hundred years anyway :rofl:

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This is literally about the 5th thread created about this same topic in about a week. Most of the pilot mentors agree that one day there will probably be self flying planes but not in this life time. I didn’t know until last week that planes had auto land capabilities that in some cases have to be used. When it is used the pilots are both constantly monitoring the parameters to make ensure it operates correctly. If anything goes wrong they are there to take over. If your dream is to become a pilot then become a pilot because it is what YOU want to do. Don’t worry about what other people say.

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The thread literally right below this one deals with the exact same topic. Take a look there for a detailed discussion on the matter.

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Yeah, you can see as I learn about the auto land capabilities in that thread

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That’s it, I surrender. They’re all right and HAL will be replacing me shortly. I’ll be tendering my resignation and looking for a job as the guy that mows the grass at the airport. Wish me luck as I have allergies. :frowning:



:joy::joy::joy: I knew you would reply soon. How’s Capt training coming along?

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Jeremy please direct all questions to other mentors. I have been a offended by your Alaska post and will take at least a day decide if you can be forgiven.

To anyone else who cares upgrade is going very well.



Well that is definitely good to know!:joy: At least now I can have a valid argument against someone!