Skywest training bond

Hi there, I just saw an article about the new training bond requirement for new hire at Skywest.
Is this legit?
I signed the agreement few months ago and I’m starting class in August but now I’m having second thoughts…
Any thoughts on it?
Thank you.

It’s still “breaking” news. AeroCrew News just updated the article to clarify it’s only for foreign pilots.
Will have to wait for updates or other sources to confirm info further.
Chris F


I would contact your SkyWest recruiter regarding this since it’s so new, none of us will have any information as it is fresh.


Thank you for clarifying it…
I also saw the updated news on their website…
Hopefully it won’t apply to me.
Happy Father’s Day you all.

Training bond?


It’s basically an agreement that if you don’t remain at an airline for a minimum set time you owe them for part or all of your training.

The industry is so crazy right now people are getting hired and then moving on very quickly. Problem is its actually quite expensive to train a pilot and the airlines are losing money on the deal.