SSRI Question


I’m a university student that’s planning on attending flight school once I graduate and secure a job. The thing is, I’m currently taking antidepressants and probably will have to continue for a while. Will this be a problem for my medical? Before I was prescribed them, a flight school owner told me that if you are diagnosed with MDD you can’t get certified to fly so I’m really worried.

Thank you!


Yes it will most definitely be a problem. While the FAA has approved some antidepressants they’re going to want ALOT more information as to why, how long, etc etc etc.

You need to speak with an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) for guidance.



Your first step is to apply for the medical. The Examiner will most likely defer the application to the FAA for review.

Then it becomes a waiting game to hear back from the FAA. They will likely ask for more information and testing before a decision is made.

Unfortunately, there is only one way to find out if you can hold a medical and that is to go through the application process. Depending on the situation it can be costly and the process commonly takes several months.