Starting flight training with existing relationships

Hello! I was wondering if anybody has, and would like to share, any experiences they have with existing relationships and starting flight training. My girlfriend and I are going on 2 years now, and I am looking to start flight training sometime in the near future. The closest ATP school to me is about 2.5 hours away in Minneapolis. What is it like to maintain a relationship while attending the fast track program a ways from home?

I was 23 and had a girlfriend of several years when I started ATP’s program. I went to a location about three hours from where we lived. We made it work, I was able to go home once or twice and she came up to the location once or twice. We did not see much of each other, but it was enough.

Think of it this way, as an airline pilot you will be gone a lot, especially in the beginning. If your partner cannot handle a few months of you being gone, they might not be the right person to be the spouse of an airline pilot.


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Thank you! I was not sure how often I’d be able to make visits. I appreciate the advice.


Some people make relationships work from other sides of the planet on different continents and others can’t living in the same house. If the relationship is strong and your partner is supportive you’ll be fine, if not you won’t.


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Thank you both for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate the advice. :slight_smile:

No problem at all. Please let us know what other questions you may have.