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Starting from zero

Hello everyone,
It is my first post here, and I have many questions, but I have read all the topics here, and most of them were already answered. I’m starting ACPP at ATP Fort Lauderdale on Feb. 7th. I’m excited and anxious simultaneously; I know it will be a process of a lot of dedication and work; since I have no experience, I’m starting from zero.
I used to be a flight attendant, and after covid hit, I decided to pursue a new path, and it was when a Pilot career came to mind.
I want some tips on how to succeed, starting from zero. What should I start reading and studying before my program starts? I don’t have a bachelor’s degree, I was in a course for Hospitality, but then due to age (I’m 38), I decided to start ATP right away. I plan to finish it somehow after I’m ok with ATP.
Thanks in advance for all the tips I have seen here.


This is the single best thing you can do before you start:




Welcome to the forum! I second Adam’s advice on working on the written exams. I would point out though that the program is designed for the writtens to be done while in training, so do not go overboard trying to get them all done. Take your time and do them well.


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Welcome to the forum Marcio!
With your upcoming start date, the PAR plus all your private pilot ground school king school modules is an attainable goal. The IRA might be a bit of a push unless you make quick work of the private pilot material. Just do your best! As much as you get done before you start the better, but no stress if not. The program has the writtens scheduled within the timeline.

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Hi Marcio!

I’m actually currently in the program and I cannot recommend getting the PAR done first enough. I did not and I regret it! Although some people may disagree with me, I would even have delayed my program a month if I had known how valueable it would be. While there is technically time, you’ll find it much less stressful if you don’t have that component to worry about.


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