Starting in June

I wanted to start off saying I’ve been a quiet member of this page for awhile now, just taking it all in but I decided it’'s time I chime in. My names Casey and I’m starting with my private at the Sacramento location June 18th!
I have already taken and passed the written Instrument Airplane, Instrument Instructor Airplane, and Commercial Airplane tests. I am planning on taking the Fundamentals of Instructing and the Instructor Airplane tests before I start as well. I took the Instrument Instructor right after the Instrument Airplane like it was recommended, I’m curious which test I should take next. Is there any similarities? I felt like a lot of the questions I had on the commercial test were similar to those on the previous three that I had taken, with not as many new questions I had thought. The reason I ask is because the closest testing center is 4 hours away from me, so if I could take the final two tests together that would be sweet!

Just looking for some input from those who have taken these tests.

Thanks for all the great info I have found on here!


First off nice job getting a jump on the writtens, it’ll serve you well. The Instructor Airplane is somewhat similar to the Commercial you already passed so I’d probably do that one next if the info is still somewhat fresh. The FOI is a completely different exam from any of the others as the focus is on Instructing in general vs anything airplane specific. Either way you’ll be fine.


Thanks Adam!

I had a feeling that those two were going to be super similar. Thanks for the help!


Great job getting started so early on the writtens, that is fantastic!

Good luck in the program, let us know how else we can help you.