Suspended from school?

During my sophomore year and freshmen year on high school I was suspended a total of 3 times. 2 were nothing but In school suspension and the one was for fighting which was out school suspension. My grades are very good however had havent had any issues since those years. Will this affect my chances or do they just look at college? If it does how much am I affected on a scale of never flying to I don’t need to be worried. Thank you all in advance.


If you never went to college I’d say you might have an issue as a Regional would probably want more info about your HS. But as long as you graduated HS and have (earn) a college degree AND have no criminal record or arrests, I’d say no one will ask. Hopefully you’ve gotten the fighting and whatever else out of your system as bad behavior of any kind is not tolerated in the industry.



Don’t worry about this one bit. Just stay out of trouble with the law, your school record will never come up.

And stop doing stuff to get in trouble!


Will anything happen to you if you get in trouble with the law while at an airline

Yes, it depends on the severity of the crime, but you will likely be fired.


I’ve known pilots who’ve were arrested for Child Pornography, drug and alcohol problems and domestic abuse. All were fired. And btw, I also know one pilot who submitted a fraudulent uniform expense of less than $100. He was fired as well.


Thanks for sharing that info bro, i guess the golden rule is not to doing anything stupid

Actually I’m surprised it’s even a question?