Time Flies

Norfolk International Airport.

Fifteen years ago I was flying a Piper Seminole out of the building in the background for ATP. A few days ago I flew an Airbus 319 into the same airport. It has been a great ride.



Cool Post. When are you gonna make the switch to a wide-body plane?


Been there, done that as a First Officer. I flew the 757 and 767 for four years. I am very happy on domestic flying and do not see myself changing back to international (widebody) flying anytime soon.


I literally miss NOTHING about the widebody.


This post gave me a tingly feeling in my loins.

Thanks for sharing, Chris!

Isn’t the earning potential greater in a wide body aircraft?

It is but earning potential isn’t everything. At some point the money is good and you look at your QOL. For example Adam would be on his however long flights to Japan, be there for 24-48 hours then come back on the same long trip. Now he sits on the beach waiting for a call if he bids reserve makes a pretty penny and enjoys life.


Yes, it is, but money is not everything. At this point I am making a very comfortable salary doing a job that I love. I could maybe make more money flying a larger airplane, but my quality of life and my ability to control my schedule would suffer. As I get more senior that will change, but I am not there yet.


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Yes the earning potential is greater on a widebody aircraft but if this was about money I’d still be a restaurant owner. If you’re doing this for earning potential trust me there are easier careers that will get you there faster.



I understand working isn’t always about the money and I totally get the QOL aspect, thanks for the feedback.