Training After Being Hired

Hello, can anyone please provide more details about sim training and IOE? Basically what exactly is included in the training from a technical standpoint (approaches, single engine,etc.)Also, when it comes to IOE, does a new FO gets to fly the entire flight including take off and landing from the first flight, or is it gradual depending on the progress?


I’m not sure where you are at in your training, but I have to say that this should be the least of your worries until you get to a regional. The training syllabus will be provided to you. There are no surprises.

Each airline has their own syllabus, but sim training typically includes takeoffs and landings, basic maneuvers, stall recovery, approaches, missed approaches, single engine approaches, V1 cuts, system failures, and you will be expected to learn and apply the company’s procedures.

The FO and the CA alternate pilot flying and pilot monitoring duties. During normal operations it doesn’t matter who is PM or PF, the PF flies the entire flight, unless the CA needs to take the controls for some reason or some abnormality occurs.


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Everything Tory said is dead on. I simply want to add a new FO may or may not get the any leg based on the conditions. Weather, runway length, challenging approaches, “special” airports, etc, all would be determining factors for the check airman to decide who takes what leg.