Transfer on F1 student visa

Hi, I am an international graduate student in the US on an F1 Visa in a STEM field. Is it possible for me to transfer to the Airline Career Pilot program while in the US? Or do I have to go back to my home country and apply for Visa again? Any information is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Anusha,

ATP accepts the M-1 Student Visa and the easiest way to apply for it would be to do so from outside the US. While it is possible to change status from F-1 to M-1 while in the US, it is not the recommended way as it takes several months to do so.

Hi Christopher,
Thanks for a prompt response. I understand your point, but then if I am right, an M1 visa does not have work permit or OPT period after course completion right? Also, I saw some posts related to Student F1 Visa on an other thread. Don’t they issue F1 visas to international students for this course? Just curious.
Thank you!


You will not be able to work in the US as a pilot without being a citizen or permanent US resident, no type of visa will allow this.


Hi Chris,

What’s the general procedure for a non US citizen to work for an American airline operator? Isn’t there any provision like H1 visa like for non-flying professions?



To fly for in the US you must be either a citizen or have permanent resident status. There are no visas since 9/11.