Travel Bag Suggestions

Looking at the gear section of the list of things to bring on day 1, it lists a travel bag (carry-on size.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on a particular bag they like or that they have found works well?

I’ve also read suggestions that there is no need for an extra bag, that the ATP backpack that comes with the kit is sufficient enough, has anyone found that to be the case?

Thank you!

I find a backpack to be too small to actually pack in. I just used a duffle bag. Nothing special.


I’m currently on crew and tried the backpack over the weekend and it’s jusy too small. I’m using a duffle bag on this trip and it’s so much better plus there is now more room in the backpack for SNACKS!!

Hope this helps a little

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Excellent, thank you both!

Is the “travel bag” intended for extra clothing and toiletries for overnight flights? Or is it supposed to be a general purpose bag for our flight gear (ipad, kneeboard, headset, etc)?

Clothes and toiletries


Most people have travel bag and a flight bag. I always keep my flight equipment separate from everything else.