TriStar Tie Tack

We have discussed watches and sunglasses at length on this forum, but the topic of tie tacks has never really come up.

Many of you know of the admiration I have for the Lockheed 1011 Tristar, check out this tie tack that was just gifted to me:


Very cool Chris.

As for tietacks, as a Hawaiian 717 pilot we don’t wear ties so wearing a tack would look silly.

On a somewhat related topic, we recently had a newhire who showed up wearing a tie as he felt not wearing one looked “unprofessional”. He then got into a rather heated discussion with a Capt who demanded he remove the tie as it was a uniform violation. It escalated to the Chief Pilot’s office and to quote the CP’s words to the newhire “is this the hill you want to die on?”. Apparently it was and they’re no longer here.


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That’s a cool tietack. I lost my tie bar somewhere in my house I was rocking around for the past few months.


Wow, what a waste… to get all the way there and decide that this issue is more important than your employment.


I just found this online today, I cannot believe that I have not seen this poster before, this is a must have for me: