Will Pilots continue to wear officer caps?

This is probably one of the most random and bizarre questions asked on the forums, but i’m also curious to know the ratio of airline pilots that continue to wear their officer caps to work. Personally I think they’re awesome, they make you guys look even more professional, and make you stand out easier from the rest of your cabin crews in the airports. Why would you want to get rid of them?

I’m sure it’s personal preference for every pilot, but a person with half a brain knows that fashion evolves overtime. An example with hats in particular, every guy wore a fedora from the 30’s on to the mid 50’s, until the early 60’s. Some historians believe JFK helped influence the end of fedoras since he was an iconic President of his time and ironically every recent President before him wore one. Now it’s all snap backs and ball caps for sports teams.

It would be sad to see the same thing happen to Pilot officer caps in the near future, I personally don’t see them surviving much longer as the new generation of pilots come through. You obviously have no crystal ball, but what do you think?


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I have no idea what percentage of pilots wear hats but I agree I think they look pro. Every airline has a different policy on it. When I was at ExpressJet the hat was optional (and if you wore it you were often ridiculed). At Hawaiian we’re required to wear our hats and as I said I think it looks professional. Honestly I don’t think you’ll see them disappear any time soon, at least not at the Majors. Most are still very traditional and many still have senior pilots who feel as we do. At Hawaiian we’re actually getting a major uniform overall later in the year. While I haven’t seen it I do know it does include the hat, and I’m glad.


I personally don’t like wearing hats of any sort and I am happy that SkyWest does not require that we wear it. In my humble opinion, the hat looks goofy on most people, and only the more senior pilots (as in life seniority) can rock it… it’s something about the gray hair and mustache…

With regards to your question, I don’t see the hats being retired anytime soon. Particularly at the majors…


Oy vey Yarden! We’re not going to have another old guy vs peckerhead debate are we? Fact is you are right. Some of US look quite dashing with our hats and others…well I guess goofy is a good word. I believe that should be part of the interview process. You should have to put on the hat and if you look like a pilot welcome aboard, if not it’s back to traffic watch you go! :slight_smile:

Actual sketches of me and Yarden, I’m on the left :slight_smile:


I’d wear this one with pride though… :wink:



At United the hats are required all winter long and during the summer when flying internationally. So there are at least 13,000 of us that still wear the hats.


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