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2020 Pilots of ALPA

The AirLine Pilot Ass. (ALPA) sends out a pretty good magazine every month. The beginning of each year they profile all the ALPA carriers. Here’s Hawaiian (I had fun) :slight_smile:

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You only flew for 5 days this month and you still get this much clout :joy:!? In all seriousness, I bet you did enjoy that interview and congrats on the opportunity. I hope y’all are successful in serving to multiple Japanese locations. I used to live in Japan for 3 years and have traveled through Narita and Naha on JAL and ANA before getting on Delta or United to get back to the States. Very cool read, how long was the actual interview with you?

Adam, you are always true to form :slight_smile:

Where is that pilot’s tie? And his hat? And his coat? And his blazer?

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Is it me or is the pilot in the picture a Captain (4 stripes)? It says he is a F/O in the caption. I’d be super surprised if a Pilot magazine of all things got that wrong.

InterIsland baby! They’re not even issued a tie, blazer or coat. He does have a hat somewhere :wink:



You are correct, don’t be surprised. It’s all done by pilots and publishing isn’t their strong suit.



We were in the union office and the 2 hockey players were waxing poetic about the game when I made the comment. They asked me what I thought about hockey and that was my response. I’m actually shocked they used it.