Tuition reimbursement program

I want to ask that is tuition reimbursement program available for international students too? And if yes then as soon as I complete tuition reimbursement program can I get Job as a flight instructor in ATP flight academy only to gain my flight hours & upon getting approximately 500 hours am I eligible to attend regional airline interview


Before we talk about anything else I need to make sure you understand the
bigger picture. Tuition Reimbursement is available for ATP Flight
Instructors. In order to instruct in the US, one needs to be a US citizen
or US Permanent Resident.


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OK, so if I select full professional pilot program which includes ppl, CPL, IR, MIR, cfi, CFII then upon completion of that course am I able to work as a flight instructor with valid work permit (FI visa) for a year?

No. See Chris’ post in the FAQ section.
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You’re not paying attention. As Tory said, in order to work as a pilot in the US (INCLUDING being a flight instructor), you MUST be either a CITIZEN OR PERMANENT RESIDENT. A visa alone won’t do it.


Dear all
Almost all commercial airlines for example Emirates and Qatar airways require atleast 2000 flying hours before appointing any pilot. ATP guarentees flight instructor job and completion of 1500hours to their US students, but what about the flying hours of foreign students? They wont get the instructor job so how are they going to complete their flying hours and get job in an airline afterwards? There must be some other way by which foreign students can complete their minimum flying hours before they exit ATP? I am sure there are many foreign students who train from ATP. How do they complete their flying hours?

Secondly i wanted to ask that if i start my pilot career at 25 from ATP, then by what age will i be able to become a commercial pilot for airline like emirates or etihad or any other commercial airline? (Keeping in mind that i am a foreign student and wont get instructor job. Hence no flying hours)
Thank you


First to answer your second question, at age 25 you would still be on track to start a career as a young pilot. Keep in mind that airlines generally allow pilots to fly until they are 65, so that would be more than a 30 year career for you after training. ATP’s program would take you about 9 months to complete.

Now back to your first point, it is not true that almost all airlines require 2,000 hours. There are a lot of airlines across the world that hire pilots with much less hours. I have seen some in Canada, South America, Asia, and Africa that hire with as low as 250- 300 hours.

Take a look through these websites below:

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I get your point. Thank you so much.