Type rated planes


I was curious as too how the type rating system works. Is one able to hold multiple type ratings at once? For example if one was flying for lets say Delta. Are they able to get type rated on multiple planes (i.e. multiple boeing planes) and then subsequently be able to fly any flight on on the aircraft they are rated on? Or does one get type rated on a specific plane and are only flying that plane for a given period of time?


Good question. As you may know, EVERYTHING at the airlines is based on seniority and that starts on the day you’re hired. You’ll bid for available plane slots and when you’re awarded a specific plane, you’ll be trained on that plane and receive a type rating for that plane. As you move up the food chain you’ll bid for other planes and again be trained (and get type rated) in the aircraft you’re awarded in that bid. So yes, you can (and probaby will) hold multiple type ratings during your career.

BUT, you will only be able to fly the airplane you currently hold on your bid award. ie, you were hired on and trained on the 737. After a few years you bid for and move up to the A330. While you’ll still hold your 737 type, you’ll no longer be able to bid for trips or fly the 737 unless you decide to bid back to that plane. Make sense?



Yes thank you! That makes perfect sense.

One airplane at a time and thank goodness for that. There are enough differences in one airplane to the next that I would not want to fly two different ones. Plus, that would mean double check rides each year as well.