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United 777 Engine Failure

This happened a little while ago today. Happy to hear there are no injuries reported!

Yes, so happy everyone is safe. Pilots and crew did a great job executing the emergency procedures practiced in the sim! From all the articles, sounds like they executed in textbook fashion!


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I couldn’t agree more. Listening to the pilots communicate with ATC (I listened to the entire clip) was so interesting, as a you could hear their training work just as it should’ve. The pilot mentioned quite quickly when asked which RWY he would like to land on, that they would need a minute because they were organizing and going through their emergency checklist for such failure, all while staying calm, assessing the situation, and going by the book on procedure. That’s why they’re there! What an amazing and fortunate outcome!


Engines fail. This (to me) is actually the scary part.




WOW! That damage you could not see from those videos and pictures while it was in the air still.

Absolutely, engine failures happen but catastrophic engine failures are a whole different situation. They leave such a huge unknown. Where did all the shrapnel go and did it degrade the structural integrity of the plane? This made me think of the Southwest Airlines flight back in April 2018…


Hey found this on youtube, it’s pretty interesting how the pilots handled the situation.


Also Adam from what I’ve heard the plane was heading close to you in Honolulu

All of these types of videos really bother me. There is so much speculation in this video. For one thing, he showed Boeing manuals and I believe that we have our own manuals. What he referred to as memory items most certainly are not at UAL. He does bring up some good points, but overall it is just filler information based on this pilot’s personal knowledge and not actual knowledge of this situation.

I personally will wait for the NTSB report.


True he probably should have waited for the NTSB report to come out before making the video. However, it was nice to see some of the ATC and different aspects of what happened even though we are not sure of how the engine failed yet.



It can take weeks, months, years, for an official release of an NTSB report. I watch a YouTube channel called Aviation International News (AIN) for a lot of up-to-date aviation news. Content on the side of manufacturing, outlook & forecast, and present. They released a video describing what sounds like a preliminary report stating that a microscopic issue that the naked eye could not have seen…but again, it’s a preliminary report…not official.

A lot of individuals believed United was the only ones to ground the B777, but the details are that Boeing issued a grounding of the PW engines, not the GE manufactured ones. There are other airlines that are flying the B777 PW equipped engines that halted those flights (e.g., Korean Air, Air Japan, ANA).

I am with Chris here on waiting until the official report is released rather than watching the entertainers on YouTube producing content trying to be the first to report ‘news’. The only good video so far that I watched was the simulation and audio transmissions of the flight which was 5 minutes long.


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A little levity in the aftermath :slight_smile: