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Recently I have seen United really push their United Aviate program and I was wondering if it will be worth it to go through their Aviate program. It seems like a new program so many people don’t really know how it is. I have already sent my application and did the interview for the United Aviate Academy and am waiting to hear back.

What was your path to becoming an airline pilot?

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As you say it’s a new program so no one really knows. It’s also been getting a tremendous amount of press recently (which I believe was a huge part of the intent of their recent announcements vs actual altruism. But then again I’m old and cynical). That said in times of low pilot supply airlines often create these programs to lock people in early in their careers. The problem is while most people think they have some idea of which airline they want to work for (usually because it was a hometown airline, the first they ever flew on, like the colors) in reality you have no idea. Contracts, aircraft, contracts and corporate culture all come into play and that’s something you really won’t have a handle on until you’re much closer to your goal. It’s for that reason I’d be reluctant lock myself in to any program this early in the game.

As for our paths please visit the Bio section.


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Evaluating the worth of a flow program is difficult to do. United has Aviate, Delta has Propel, American has Cadet Academy. Apologies if I’m not mentioning any other programs. The point is that flow programs are becoming commonplace and they are are all fairly new.

They are good if you don’t mind sitting around waiting for your number to be called. They are also good if you only have a desire to fly for one airline. They’re also good if you just like having that “peace of mind,” knowing that there’s a spot waiting for you when it’s your turn.

Some pilots don’t like being tied to one airline and would rather not be part of any flows. It really depends on each individual.


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Aviate has changed so much of their program in the last year, you should reach out to the Aviate pilot recruiters for specifics on their program. Generally in reference to flow programs, most of us on the forum aren’t a big fan of them. It is a way for airlines to get you interested in flying for their company early on. The industry is full of opportunities, it doesn’t seem wise to limit them so early on in your career. With that being said, there are benefits to the programs or they wouldn’t be successful. Just do your research before accepting anything!


I don’t know if United Aviate would allow admissions for those who already got the instrument certificate (assuming that they already have the private certificate), but as far as I know, they can admit those who already got their private certificate.


I don’t think that United Aviate is denying applicants of Private Pilot w/ Instrument Ratings during submission of application for the United Aviate program. What you’re thinking may apply if you’re trying to learn how to fly and go through their new Academy that they established, not United Aviate itself. I interviewed in person to United Aviate as a CFI/CFII/MEI. See below for requirements for individuals at a “partnered flight school,” there are other options such as “partnered University” and “building experience (as a CFI).”

Learn to fly at one of our Aviate partner flight schools

Here is a link to the full details of the United Aviate Academy itself (including timeline, costs, and “flow”): Admissions and program details | United Aviate Academy


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Hello Eric! I am currently a junior student at a 4-year university and plan to start flight training right after graduation. However, I am not sure when to start applying. Would you mind sharing about the United Aviate Academy application? How long did it take you from submission to interview?

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What questions did they ask you on the video interview?