USMC crewchief wants to become a pilot where do I start?

Hello I’m a crewchief for the Marines specifically for the MV22. I fly as a crewchief in them and maintain them but I would like to start working on my private pilot’s license. Some questions i have are:
How do I start?
What is the schedule like?
Can I pause my education and continue?


  1. You need to choose a flight school and start training.

  2. Depends if you’re training full or part-time. If you choose a fulltime accelerated program like ATPs it’s a fulltime commitment 5-6 days a week. If you train part-time you can generally schedule how you like but it obviously will take considerably longer and your chances of success are far less.

  3. Again depends how you train but you should know that success is dependent on consistency. Pausing your training there’s a good chance you’ll lose whatever gains you make.



Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your questions.

  1. You start by finding a flight school that will best suit your needs. If your goal is only to be a Private Pilot, then most any local flight school will do just fine. If your goal is to be a professional pilot, then I would look for a school that is focused on producing such. Check out this link I wrote: Questions For Any Prospective Flight School

  2. The schedule very much depends on which kind of school. A small school will work with you on your timeframe, but it will take forever for you to get your license and probably end up costing considerably more. A professional school, such as ATP, will be a full time commitment.

  3. Yes, you can pause your education and continue, but I would highly recommend against it. Successful flight training depends on consistency and continuously building on what you just learned. Taking a pause of any significant duration can completely undo all of the gains you have made. In the end, this will end up costing more time and money.

Just so we are clear and provide the best possible answers, what are your goals in aviation?


look at TA Credital program from Eds Center. Army start have TA Credital end of last year. I will assume Marine should share this program. It will pay for your private pilot training cost up to 4k per acadimc year while on active duty. Took long time to approve though. If you already out, A go to 2 year college that works with GI BILL and finish there B come to ATP and get everything knock out the way. I did my PPL while im on active duty and im start at ATP on monday from instrument. If you want get 20 years from military as active duty, go to a local part 61 flight school and get your training from there. 4grant per year free money from government.