VA and ATP Financing


I am trying to get financing in order to attend ATP’s school in Norwood MA. I know Sallie Mae is a viable option; however, I am exploring options with financial assistance through the VA - but not with the GI bill or Post-911 because I already used that all up.

The VA has a VR&E (veteran rehabilitation and education) program for disabled veterans, and I wanted to see if there was anyone here that has any experience with this or knows if ATP has done financing with this program or anything similar with VA benefits. I’m just looking to make the best approach here.



Some might chime in but your best bet is to call ATP Admin and speak to finance. They’re the experts.


So far I have an email out to ATP and a VA Counseling phone appointment that will be happening sometime this week, so hopefully I can get squared away or pointed in a better direction.

Id call: +1 904-430-8636


I will absolutely do that. I really appreciate your time in responding to my post.

Thank you Adam


I’m in the same boat. I’m a transitioning veteran. VR&E is flexible without having to utilize any of your GI benefits. I’d be interested to find out what you learn. From my initial inquiry with ATP admissions the only course covered by VA is the A320 course. Looking forward to hearing what comes from your meeting.