Value of Aviation related jobs/background

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My name is Andre. I am currently a pilot in the Navy who has recently completed the Navy’s CRM instructor school and Aviation Safety Officer/manager courses. My question is how valuable are these when applying to a major airline.
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I am AF getting ready to transition in summer 2018. From what I’ve heard, read, and been told all of your aviation related training, background, and jobs are helpful when applying with the majors. Being an instructor, ground or air, check pilot, and other key jobs and leadership. The key is translating them to the airline terms from navy or AF for that matter. There is a great resource book called Cockpit to Cockpit. It is written by a retired AF pilot, but I think it would still be worth it to read. There are other Facebook groups such as The Pilot Network and others that are not necessarily limited to military pilots, but have a significant membership. This forum is great, but I use a variety of resources as I am working on my transition.

Best of luck. I love the fact that the aviation community is so willing to help others succeed.


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Hi Andre and welcome,

Short answer is yes it will most definitely help. The airlines are not only looking for good sticks but they’re looking for pilots who have broadened their knowledge and have other skills as well. Not saying you’d have to join the training dept but just as they’re recruiting pilots they’re also looking for prospects to help in other areas. Qualified people who can help improve the airline are always a valuable and welcomed asset.


Thank you gentlemen! I appreciate your input.