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Washing out

Good morning all, I was curious to know when hired by any particular regional airline and I only mention regional because this is where the majority of us are aiming towards, how many are not completing the training and or washing out even being fresh out of school AND being a CFI with the discipline,study habits and structure of an airline training environment, I ask this because we are committing to such a large financial obligation and I realize that this falls on us and not the airline to study even harder and also realizing things happen in daily life that may prevent you from being there 100% mentally, I guess what I am really asking is the learning curve greater than ATP’s course curriculum to where students, some students find themselves struggling past the point of being able to pass. Sorry if this has been addressed earlier in a past topic.

I don’t know anything about wash out rates at the regionals, but I do know (from being in this program for 5 months and counting) that the wash out rate at ATP is very low. I only know one student who left ATP, but decided to go to a different flight school. Sometimes self-paced mom and pop schools or Part 141 schools are better for some students.


I have not seen a statistic anywhere that addresses this, but I would imagine that the washout rate is very low as it is something I very rarely hear about happening.



There is no official “wash-out” rate that I know of, but I can tell you what happened in my ground class here at SkyWest. We started out a class of 42, 2 people left when the company asked for 2 volunteers to switch to the E175 class, 2 people left for personal reasons (1 returned to his old job flying cargo MD-11s, the other had family issues that needed his attention), and only one guy did not get through successfully and “washed-out”.

Most of the airlines these days are really focused on improving their training departments. Just like everybody is hiring like crazy, they all need to successfully train and get those pilots through class and on to the line. My experience here at SkyWest was very positive, the instructors and check airmen were very helpful and really wanted to see everybody succeed.

It is a big commitment and there are many things that can go wrong over the course of building this career, so I understand your concern. But if your focus right now is on what can go wrong instead of how to get closer to your goal (of becoming a pilot), then you are not pointing yourself in the right direction.


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Obviously it can vary from class to class and airline to airline depending on the airline. When I was at my Regional we would routinely lose 1 or 2 a class out of 16 which is about 10%. As Yarden said it wasn’t always due to not being able to keep up (though sometimes it was) but sometimes family issues arose. If you work hard and stay focused you should be fine.


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Thanks for the info, my concern is definitely for the positive and most certainly pointing myself into the right direction. I was just curious, I just like to know facts coming from all sides of the situation, from what all I’ve read it seems to be such a positive atmosphere with plenty of help to see you succeed in this amazing career. This is such a fantastic thing to see especially coming from the “job” I have now. Thanks for the great insite everyone.


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