Ways to prepare

I’m working on getting the credits so I can enroll at ATP, what are some good classes to take to help me prepare for becoming a pilot? Good books to read before ATP to be best prepared?

Physics, mathematics, engineering, and (increasingly) computer sciences never hurt, but there are no specific requirements as I’m sure the other guys on here will tell you. I 'd say just take what interests you and you feel you’ll do well (get good grades) in.


Really, short of aeronautical classes there is not much that you can take that will contribute to your flying classes.

When you sign up for ATP there will be plenty for you to study, but as for right now I would really just focus on the classes at hand. If you really get a hankering I would recommend subscribing to the AOPA Flying magazine.



To learn to be a pilot you need to do pilot training and you’ll receive all you need at ATP. If you’re fascinated by aviation and aerodynamics as a field of study then by all means take classes in that. I like a diversified educational background and believe people should study things they enjoy and are interested in. I know pilots who were math and physics majors and others who studied literature and music. While I can tell you those who focused on science are no better pilots, those who focused on the arts are generally more fun to fly with :slight_smile: