What flight schools do you recommend?

Hello there! I am very interested in becoming a commercial airline pilot (hopefully for a major airline one day) and would like to know of any flight school recommendations. I’m low on money, but someone had informed me of some grants I’m able to get due to my gender. Are there any cheap, but still good, flight schools I should check out? Thank you for your time!


I recommend you spend some time browsing the forum as there’s ALOT of great information on flight schools and the career. If you take a look at the top of this forum you’ll clearly see the ATP logo as this is ATP’s forum. All the mentors on this forum are successful ATP grads who have become airline pilots so obviously we’re all partial to and recommend ATP. There are other good schools out there but there is no better path to a career as an airline pilot. You do need to know the words “cheap” and “good” don’t really go together when we talk about flight training. Airplanes are neither cheap to purchase nor to maintain and I’m also not aware of any grants available to any student pilots of any gender.

If flying for a Major is truly your goal you should spend some time investigating your options but again this is not something that can or should be accomplished cheaply.